Comoda Design & Renovation

Comoda Design & Renovation

Kaizen Marketing has been the sole marketing agency working with Comoda Design & Renovation and sister brands for 5 years. Since partnering with Kaizen Marketing the company has reported double revenue growth every year.

The quality of enquiries has improved year on year to a point where less sales can be made while profit is soaring due to reduction in specific overheads that can be refined during marketing (advertising radius reduction to minimise staff travel costs and target audience demographic refining to speed up purchase process).

Kaizen Marketing launched the new Comoda Design & Renovation website in early 2020 while continuing to manage the brand's Google and Facebook advertising to purpose built landing pages.  


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Coastal Property Maintenance

Kaizen Marketing has assisted Coastal Property Maintenance from start-up concept to rapid growth phase over a 12-month period. From logo and brand creation to Google advertising and landing page the Kaizen Marketing team have worked hand-in-hand with Coastal Property Maintenance to pump enquiries and bookings rapidly.

Kaizen Marketing have helped Coastal Property Maintenance to recognise the services with highest ROAS (return on ad spend) and focussed budget on highest revenue generating services on the cheapest advertising platforms.  

We work to ensure your brand is given the best marketing strategy. We strive for immedite impact & results that offer return on investment fast.

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